Agape Counseling Services of West Texas is a Christian counseling center that provides professional counseling for people with mental and emotional needs.  All of our counselors have a Master’s level education and are licensed with the state of Texas to provide counseling services.  We provide services for all ages (youngest has been 18 months).  Whether people come as individuals, couples or families, we provide counseling services.

We counsel people who have a variety of challenges ranging from anxiety and/or depression to multiple personalities.  We also offer other services such as grief support groups, a men’s issues group, anger management groups, and parenting classes.  We do not prescribe or monitor medications, however, we will consult with physicians when requested by the client.

Agape offers counseling from a Christian perspective for people wanting counseling from that perspective.  We have a faith statement that aligns closely with the Apostle’s Creed.  For clients that have other faith traditions, we honor their faith and meet them where they are in their faith.  We have and will continue to counsel people of all faiths (Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, etc…) and non-faiths (agnosticism or atheism).