Statement of Faith

As counselors, staff, and members of the Board of Directors, we believe it is important that we be open to all regarding our faith foundation from which flows the love we share.

We Believe:

 Sacred Scripture

In the divine inspiration, integrity, and authority of the Bible (Word of God) as our written revelation from and about God and that it is profitable for teaching and training in living out the fullness of life in Christ.

The Trinity

In the eternal presence of the one and only true God existing in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Father

That God is the loving and final authority over all creation in this world seen (physical) and unseen (spiritual). God is not female or male, but Spirit who transcends time, space, race, culture, nationality, all things human or supernatural.

Jesus Christ

In the unique deity of Jesus Christ, fully God and fully human, as the one and only begotten Son of God and our heavenly mediator due to his unique role as our Savior, Lord, and Ruler over the Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit

In the person and power of the Holy Spirit, God’s presence in us, and His work of regeneration in the life of the believer.


In the substitutionary, sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ, for the unique means of forgiveness of our offenses (sin) and establishment of a right relationship with God which we receive as a gift (grace) from God when we believe (trust in our hearts) and surrender our lives to His leadership.

 The Life of the Believer

In the blessings of life as a believer in this world; in living a loving witness displaying the nature of Christ; in sharing with others the good news of Jesus; in guidance and strength from above to live through both hard and easy times; in specific direction and empowerment for individual believers; and in the general purpose for all believers to grow in the character of Christ and manifest a life under the Lordship of Christ.

The Church

In the ministry of reconciliation and spiritual unity of the Fellowship of Believers who transcend all congregations, ethnicities, ages, cultures, and gender and which is composed of those who place their trust (faith) in Jesus Christ and seek to know, love, and serve under His Lordship.


Composed and accepted by the

Agape counselors and Board of Directors

July 20, 2011