How can I pay for my counseling?

Veterans and the family of veterans are eligible to have the entire cost of their counseling covered by a generous family foundation. We need Form dd214 for proof. Under this program, the veteran’s family, who live with them, are also covered and pay only a nominal copay.

Clients may use insurance, sliding scale scholarship or pay full fee.

If you need more information on insurance, please go to “What you need to know about your insurance” section.

Our Agape Scholarship is funded by kind and generous donors in our community. Clients may apply for the scholarship and provide proof of income to pay a discounted rate ranging from $10 to $60 per session for Licensed Interns and from $25 to $90 per session for Licensed Counselors.

Some clients will pay full fee. Some do so because they have no insurance. Others pay full fee so that they do not have to file on their insurance for various reasons known only to them.

We have and do partner with churches to varying degrees. Some churches will pay all or part of session costs for people they choose to sponsor.   Usually the church will limit number of sessions to 4 to 8 sessions. This should be pre-arranged between the church and Agape, before client comes for the first session. When churches pay for sessions, Agape will only inform the church of whether or not a client has come to sessions (for billing purposes). No other information will be shared from Agape staff.

Our Clergy Scholarship is for clergy or family of clergy that have no insurance or other means defray costs. We need some proof of employment by church to be eligible. Family that lives with the active clergy is also eligible.   Retired clergy is also eligible. The copay is $25.


How do  I understand my insurance coverage?

Often people are unfamiliar with their insurance benefits and what they may be responsible to pay. We want to give you some terminology and briefly cover what you might expect. Keep in mind that insurance may vary from company to company and plan to plan. We have listed the top pieces of information that you might need.

In Network vs Out of network:

We have and continue to work to be credentialed on the most common insurance panels of people in the Permian Basin. Often we may have limited providers on a particular panel for a number of reasons.   For example, the provider may be new and working on getting credentialed, or the insurance company is not taking new providers. If you have a question about whether one of our providers is in network for your insurance plan, talk with your insurance.

Deductibles, Copays, and Coinsurance:

Be aware that in the beginning of your insurance plan’s fiscal year that you may have a new deductible.  Some Insurance plans begin their new year in September, but most begin in January coinciding with the calendar year.   The deductible is the out of pocket costs that you pay until your deductible is met. This can vary from no deductible to $5,000 or more.   This means you are responsible to pay the entire allowable amount billed to insurance.

Copays and insurance differ in that a copay is a set cost. You may have a co-pay of $20, $35 or $50 for each visit, regardless of the length of the visit (usually 45 minutes or 60 minutes).   A coinsurance amount is usually a percentage of the allowable billed amount.   They may be as low as 15% or up to 50% or more. Both copay and Coinsurance can vary according to your therapist being in network or out of network. (Out of network often costs you more).

Insurances that we are currently credentialed:

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  2. Aetna
  3. United Behavioral Health
  4. Magellan
  5. Cigna


How can I pray for Agape?

Our Prayer Partners are individuals, churches or organizations that have committed to pray for Agape on a regular basis. That frequency may be quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily.

A prayer partner may publish our name and prayer requests in a bulletin or their website. They may include us in their daily prayer journal. If you are joining us in prayer, let us know, we would like to acknowledge your support of Agape and our mission.

We would also like to pray for you.   Please let us know your prayer requests or the areas that you would like for us to cover in prayer on a regular basis. We pray for our partners often by name in our staff prayer time.

We have four areas that we ask that our prayer partners would cover along with any other area that they feel lead to cover in prayer.

Agape Prayer Requests:

Pray that clients come with openness to healing and change.

Pray that the therapists are renewed and refreshed, daily seeking Godly wisdom and discernment as they meet with clients.

Pray that Agape continues to grow as a nurturing organization with an effective board and leadership, and that there will be abundant resources to meet the needs of the clients and community.

Pray for God’s protection over Agape from all influences of the enemy, physical and spiritual, that might disrupt God’s work in the lives of clients, staff, and leadership. (Eph 6:12)