Who pays for my Counseling?

Veterans and the family of veterans are eligible to have the entire cost of their counseling covered by a generous family foundation. We need Form BD22 for proof. This covers the veteran and those in their family that live with them.

Clients may use insurance, Medicaid, EAP, sliding scale or pay full fee.

If you need more information on insurance, please go to “What you need to know about your insurance” section. If a client is on Medicaid, they will pay nothing if they see a Medicaid approved provider.

Often companies will have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that will cover a set number of sessions for client at no cost to client. This may vary from one session to eight session. Most often the client will call their EAP (usually on back of their insurance card) to get a preauthorization. Often you will get a letter authorizing the sessions and we need a copy of that letter to be able to do our paperwork to be paid.

Our sliding scale or Agape Scholarship is funded by generous donors in our community. This allows the client to apply for the scholarship that will include proof of income to pay a discounted rate as low as $25 per session. The range is from $25 all the way up to $90. Everyone is eligible to participate, but must supply appropriate paperwork.

Some clients will pay full fee. Some do so because they have no insurance. Others pay full fee so that they do not have to file on their insurance for various reasons known only to them.

We have and do partner with churches to varying degrees. Some churches will pay all or part of session costs for people they choose to sponsor.   Usually the church will limit number of sessions to 4 to 8 sessions. This should be pre-arranged between the church and Agape, before client comes for the first session. When churches pay for sessions, Agape will only inform the church of whether or not a client has come to sessions (for billing purposes). No other information will be shared from Agape staff.

Our Clergy Scholarship is for clergy or family of clergy that have no insurance or other means defray costs. We need some proof of employment by church to be eligible. Family that lives with the active clergy is also eligible.   Retired clergy is also eligible. The copay is $25.