Prayer Partners:

Prayer Partners are individuals, churches or organizations that have committed to pray for Agape on a regular basis. That frequency may be quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily.   We have four areas that we ask that our prayer partners would cover along with any other area that they feel lead to cover in prayer. (Listed below)

A prayer partner may publish our name in a bulletin or their website. They may include us in their daily prayer journal. If you have or want to commit to this, please let us know. We would like to list your name or even add an anonymous section to acknowledge your support of Agape and our mission. We would also like to pray for you.   Please let us know your prayer requests or the areas that you would like for us to cover in prayer on a regular basis. We pray for our partners weekly and often by name in our staff prayer time.

Phileo Partners:

Phileo Partners are individuals, churches or organization that commit to partner with us in covering the cost of a counseling session.   This often involves a church that has committed to pay for a set number of sessions for a client at a discounted rate. The church or individual would pay what would be equal to a break even cost for Agape.

On occasion, we will have a parent of an adult child or member of a congregation want to cover the cost of an individual or family. Agape will invoice or inform the party that is covering the cost for payment. No information is given about content of counseling sessions.

United Way and Family Promise are two of our Phileo Partners.

Phileo Partners also donate money directly to a designated fund that is for a particular program, for a specific population or for members of a particular church or organization. These designated funds will be set aside to be used according to the donor’s request.

Community Partners:

These are people that refer to us on any level. They could be individuals, churches or other organizations. They may even cover a deeply discounted counseling rate. For example, a small church with very limited resources may want to sponsor an individual or family. The church will pay an amount that covers part of the cost of counseling and Agape will cover the rest.

Agape Partners:

Agape Partners are committed to giving to Agape in a way that helps Agape expand other programs and services.   An example would be a church that commits to covering the cost of an individual or family they refer to Agape for counseling.   They will often set the number of sessions form 4-8 sessions, but they will pay the full fee. They understand that by paying the full fee they are freeing up funds to help Agape grow.

An Agape Partner may be an individual, church, or an organization that gives to operations or undesignated funds to Agape.   When funds are given in this fashion it allows Agape to apply the resources our greatest need. Agape Partners may give on a one time basis or give monthly or annually.