Prayer Partners:

Prayer Partners are individuals, churches or organizations that have committed to pray for Agape on a regular basis. That frequency may be quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily.   We have four areas that we ask that our prayer partners would cover along with any other area that they feel lead to cover in prayer. (Listed below)

A prayer partner may publish our name in a bulletin or their website. They may include us in their daily prayer journal. If you have or want to commit to this, please let us know. We would like to list your name or at least add you to the anonymous section to acknowledge your support of Agape and our mission.

We would also like to pray for you.   Please let us know your prayer requests or the areas that you would like for us to cover in prayer on a regular basis. We pray for our partners weekly and often by name in our staff prayer time.

Agape Prayer Requests:

Pray that clients come with openness to healing and change.

Pray that the therapists are renewed and refreshed, daily seeking Godly wisdom and discernment as they meet with clients.

Pray that Agape continues to grow as a nurturing organization with an effective board and leadership, and that there will be abundant resources to meet the needs of the clients and community.

Pray for God’s protection over Agape from all machinations of the enemy, physical and spiritual, that might disrupt God’s work in the lives of clients, staff, and leadership. (Eph 6:12)


Our Valued Prayer Partners:


Meet a few of Our Prayer Partners: