We at Agape highly value the Body of Christ (church).   As you may know, we are Christian and come from a variety of denominations as staff and directors.   We were intentional in not affiliating with only one denomination so that we would have freedom to work with all denominations.  We have a variety of ways that we support the local church (both individual churches and the Permian Basin Church).

Clergy Counseling  Scholarships

Although it falls under our counseling program, it is worth mentioning here, we offer scholarships for clergy and family.   Often clergy work in small churches that are unable to offer benefits that include counseling.  Clergy that do not have insurance are qualified for a $25 copay and Agape will cover the rest.  This is for family members also.  Let us know if you are interested in more information.


We offer facilitated group support for a specific church.  For example, we might facilitate a grief group for a church who has experienced loss in their congregation.  Topics can vary as much as a church’s needs.


We offer a variety of seminars that cover needs found in the church.  This format includes a counselor(s) that presents on a variety of topics including but not limited to:   Self Care, Boundaries, Parenting, Marriage Enrichment, and Sexual Addiction.


We offer mediation/consultation services to churches that have any kind of conflict between parties.  The parties may include staff, members, or boards (elder, deacon, directors).   The conflict might be over personality differences, color of the new carpet, or differences regarding direction of the church.  We can be the objective third party that can help you walk through the conflict.