Agape’s vision is to realize healthy individuals engaging in loving relationships.  Agape has a variety of ways that we live this out in our community. What makes a service part of our Community Support Program is if the service is offered to the entire community not just a single church. It can be hosted in a specific church, but will be open to the community at large.


We offer facilitated group support.  For example, we might facilitate a sexual addiction group.  Other support groups themes we offer are: grief, anger, and marriage.


We offer a variety of seminars that cover needs found in the community.  This format includes a counselor(s) that presents on a variety of topics including but not limited to:   Self Care, Boundaries, Parenting, Marriage Enrichment, and Sexual Addiction.


We offer mediation/consultation services to organizations that have any kind of conflict between parties.  The parties may include staff, members, or boards (elder, deacon, directors).   The conflict might be over personality differences, color of the new carpet, or differences regarding direction of the organization.  We can be the objective third party that can help you walk through the conflict.

Critical Incident Support

We offer critical incident support for organizations that may have experienced a tragedy.  Often an unexpected death can wreak havoc on staff and volunteers that are close to the individual and we offer an educational debriefing.   We highlight the normative response in reaction to tragedy and offer suggestions on how to process through the grief in healthy ways.  This service is not restricted to death.  Some other trauma might be witnessing a crime or working through a company announcing an office closing.